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Add Humor To Your Life; Add Life To Your Humor (Living Your Life To the Fullest) (Volume 5)

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Mr Lindsay Collier,Lindsay Collier

Humor is one of the most important assets available to you. It can make your life more exiting, healthier, longer, and more socially gratifying. This book takes a fast-paced, fun, and complete look at the nature and characteristics of humor,the benefits of humor in your life, and the forms it takes. More importantly, it is full of creative and very different ways you can access and build on your humor along with a chapter on humor exercises. And it includes a 10-day program that will help you supercharge your sense of humor. The Appendix is loaded with some of the most interesting humor material you'll ever find. This book may just change your life, and it is sure to leave you with a smile on your face, and lots of chuckles as well. The author, Lindsay Collier, spent many years as an expert in creativity and innovation at a major US corporation. He build what is arguably the first corporate "Humor Room". And he has been a very popular speaker on the topic of "Humor In the Workplace". His books and presentations are known for their humor, common sense, creativity, and uniqueness. You will love this book - guaranteed!

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