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Fought Over Any Good Books Lately? , from The New York Times, was published almost six years ago. Although the troubles of selecting a new book club read can be as challenging as ever, technology can aid in the planning process. Our key tip of the day is utilizing the sharing feature of bookshelves on PenBlock.

User accounts have three default bookshelves - Read, Reading, and Reading Queue. When you create a new bookshelf, there is a user setting which allows you to make the bookshelf a "shared" bookshelf.


1. Click the + Add A New button on the menu.
2. Bookshelf Name: Create a bookshelf name that other book club members can identify.
3. Description: Add a description of the bookshelf to help members know the purpose of the bookshelf. It is recommended to mention that the bookshelf is for suggested reads, previous reads, or both. You can create multiple bookshelves for your bookclub.
4. Who can create books on my Bookshelf?: Enter the user names of other book club members to be added to the bookshelf. This gives users the ability to add or edit existing books on your book club bookshelf. Users must be members of PenBlock in order to join a shared bookshelf.
5. Who can view my Bookshelf?: The default setting of this is All. If you want to make a bookshelf private or control who can see your bookshelf you can define users here.

Once your book club bookshelf is created, book club members can add books to the shelf. Books can be kept on the book shelf for future recommendations.

Write reviews or make comments on books to share with your book club by selecting a book on a shelf and clicking "comment".

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