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Amanda Bucan

Amanda grew up in an impoverished ex-steel town where she endured a lonely and ostracized childhood. Bullied at school she becomes a withdrawn teenager who at sixteen meets her `twin flame` while working in a humble social club. The two quickly embark upon a passionate affair though the relationship is ill-fated from the outset, and Amanda eventually marries someone else. For nineteen years they live separate lives, until one harrowing day in 2001 Amanda learns via telepathic messages that Simon has died. This activates an astonishing onslaught of paranormal activity which will ultimately change the course of Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Biblical history. With the revelation of a monumental conspiracy, this story brings truth and hope to a troubled world through a universal language that transcends all faiths and all cultures. Journey the road together, awaken to life`s synchronicities and grow in wisdom

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